The contract works for the "Convento de Cristo - Conservation, Restoration and Recovery of church façades and roofs", aims at the physical and chemical stabilisation of the constituent materials and the preservation of the original aspect and history of the monument. This intervention is based on the study carried out by LNEC in 2002 "Conservation of the outer shell of the Convento de Cristo Church in Tomar".

In this contract work, conservation and restoration procedures will be carried out on the Manueline Nave in all its structural and decorative elements; the three façades of the Church covering the area from the balcony to its base and all its decorative elements; the Manueline Window; the medieval Templar Charola, including the wall panels, buttresses, merlons and the clock or bell tower. The roof of the Knights' Room in the east wing of the Convent Infirmary will also be restored. 

This one-year intervention started in June 2022 and is carried out by STB - Reabilitação do Património Edificado Lda, supervised by 44 Engenharia, according to methodologies defined jointly by technicians from the DGPC, the monument and the scientific consultant Professor Delgado Rodrigues.

The Convento de Cristo being part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, and following the various programmes of investment and resources in the restoration and rehabilitation of the buildings under the DGPC, was selected for this intervention of historical conservation and restoration with a total investment value of around one million Euros from EU funds. A partnership was established with the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT) to implement the "Open Work" model, where it is possible for the public to follow the various works, either through the social media, with multimedia presentations on site, or through the possibility of field trips.